Cross Walk - Dorking

It all started a few years ago when 4 or 5 guys wanted to take on the National 3 Peaks Challenge and needed to get some practice in before hand


There was no structure just a need to get fit for the Challenge. However, after the Challenge, which by all accounts was successful, they kept walking together on a Saturday morning just for the fun of it. Others joined and left, and life continued for the next couple of years.


That was until the Lakes trip in Feb 2010, when one of our walking party fell. A fall which, but for the Grace of God, should have proved fatal. This incident and the attendant aftermath of joint prayer and thanksgiving not just by the Lakes walkers but by the whole men's group on their return showed us the worth of men coming together in the sight of God and seeking his will. We have been doing it ever since.


We are now, so convinced of the benefits of meeting like this that we would like others to join us or do something similar themselves. To this end, we have put together this web site.


Do Contact Us if you would like more information we would love to hear from you or just take inspiration and do your own thing, we know you will benefit from it. God has great plans for us all but we do need to turn up to find out what they are.